Wednesday, March 12, 2008


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At sister Britney Spears the boy will be born

Edition MSNBC informs, that the 16-year-old actress who is on the sixth month of pregnancy, will give birth in the near future to the son.

These hearings have appeared after Jemmy Lynn Spears (Jamie Lynn Spears) and Britney last month have visited children's shop Petit Tresor.

The source has told to the edition: «Britney has answered the paparazzi, that she buys clothes for the sons, but later inquisitive paparazzi have found out, that sisters Spirs bought things for child Dzhemi Lynn. Press photographers were guarded with that among clothes bought by sisters there were no clothes on children of age of sons Бритни. All things were for newborns. Britney and her sister have stayed in shop about 20 minutes. They had been got clothes of exclusively light blue colour».

For Britney Spears there will be money for personal expenditure

For Britney Spears there will be money for personal expenditure.
Practically every week all new and new conferences on business Spears are held. That ABT its children, ABT guardianship over it... Yesterday, for example, the judge has enacted, the h that Britney has the right to one and a half thousand bucks a week "on handheld charges". More precisely, to it the credit card W limitation of the week charge on the indicated total will be given out. Attorney Dzhejmi, father Britni, has stated: "Now it can outlay money at the desire, and itself to decide what pleasures to gain from this life."

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Britney Spears is not glad for the sister

Britney has refused to visit wedding ceremony of younger sister Dzhemi Lynn in insult that last has not told to it about the pregnancy.

Having learnt about that is pregnant, former star Nickelodeon has decided, that its future child will have a normal family, therefore till a birth of the kid plans to celebrate a wedding with the guy.

One of friends to the singer has told, that «she considers, that Dzhemi Lynn has broken off close bonds of warm relations which always connected them, and now she simply tries to earn additionally on glory of elder sister».

«She simply wishes to catch the well-known sister on wedding to brag to friends. On me to it to spit», - is distressed senior Spears.

Ronaldinho "has made" Britney Spears in Live Search

After Yahoo «results of search year» has decided to bring and company Microsoft which has started in this year a new cursor - Live Search.

Unlike Yahoo and Google, in which the first places are occupied stably with Britney Spears with the family and underwear (or, more precisely, without it), in Live Search the football subjects became especially popular. Developers explain it to that in 2006 World Cup FIFA (the truth was held, they hold back that fact, that popularity Live Search is incommensurable more low, than the basic competitors).

The first place in «the general Top10» was occupied with Ronaldinho. On the second - popular pop singer Shakira, on the third - Peris Hilton and only on the fourth - Britney Spears.

Is a little bit better affairs at Britney in search in images are: there it on the second place, having passed forward only Mariah Carey.

In connection with special popularity of football subjects among users Live Search developers have presented and «football Top10». In him, besides already mentioned Ronaldinho, in the first three are present Christian Ronaldo and David Bekhem.

The person who has today no private life

Britney Spears - the person who has today no private life. If it also is, immediately becomes also a life public. Britney eats, drinks, goes to the doctor, quarrels with mum, cries and eats under a vigilant eye of cameras. Article in January release of magazine "Blender" one of the few who not only tells about star private life, but also tries to understand, that has resulted Britney in that position in which it is now. Who or what can help Britney to be pulled out from this vicious circle to which it has got? A family, doctors, friends? Or simply love which, probably, in her life was not too much?

About me and Britney

Greetings to all!!! I hope, at you very well and you enjoy rest!!! As to me I do it with the great pleasure, as well as it is necessary to the student after session!!!
With my life all is quite clear, and here in a life of Miss Spears all not so is stable - here, for example, there was a next nervous breakdown!!! On January, 28th Britni has quarrelled with the friend and manager Sam, yes so, that sat near the house and cried!!! Poor thing Britney as to you does not carry with friends!!! Anybody cannot trust!!!
Sam, naturally, has called mum Britney and in the same evening mum and the daughter have appeared together, buying something in a drugstore!!!
I hope, Britney can calm down and will continue to rehearse shootings of a new clip. Though, of course, not it now main - the main thing that Britney surrounded native and loyal friends!!! Good luck and health to you, Britney!!! We very much-very like you and we believe in you!!! Keep, at you all will turn out!!!